I have always been interested in pattern and color – dating back to many years of sewing and working with fabric. I also formally studied weaving, which was a real cornerstone in my development as an artist. However, it was when I discovered the world of paint that I found a vehicle with which I could fully explore in a fresh and immediate way the ideas I have always been interested in.

I still find myself constantly referring back to that world of textiles – grids, patterns, and textures as I work to bring together the many disparate sources of my inspiration. Fabric, Sienese painting, Persian miniatures, Outsider Art, Aboriginal paintings, and a love of doodling are among the sources that I go to as I develop my very personal vocabulary and vision.

With each painting I aim for a sense of purity and mystery, infused with light and depth, painted layer upon layer until I reach the gem-like quality I am seeking.